Here you will find answers to the most common questions about planning and using our event spaces. We are here to make sure your experience is perfect. Explore our FAQs for helpful information.

The rental cost will depend on the venue, location and the guests who can enter.
And what is included in the price will be found in the profile part of the reception halls, which is where you will find that information.

All of that will depend on the reception halls and what is left in your contract. We do not interfere in payment issues with the reception halls since it is a direct payment with them.

They would have to contact the reception halls, to find out if it exists and what the extra cost would be that they would be charged if there are more guests and the room is not suitable.
Everything will also depend on whether the reception halls are suitable to receive more guests and make them comfortable.

Likewise, in the contract that they sign with the reception halls there, the time, the hours that they can be there, will be indicated.

You will find that in the profile part of the reception halls how many guests can be there.

If you do not find this information in the profile of the reception rooms, you can contact them through messages to find out if they provide that service and what the cost would be.

Whether they are security guards, valet parking or chain guards, it is necessary that they know what will be required for their wedding to assess whether they will have to hire it separately or they will be able to do without these services.

It is very important that access to the place is easy for guests and that there are facilities for vehicles to park comfortably.

Many times it will be enough to include a sketch in your wedding invitations and, if the hall does not have private parking, but has an agreement with a private parking lot, check how your guests will have to identify themselves and provide them with codes, cards or follow the method that they prefer. ask.

You can see access to the place from the photos or ask to be shown the reception halls.

It is necessary to inform the reception hall very well about plans B, C and even Z in case the weather is against it, especially if the celebration is outdoors. Anticipate and ask if there is any covered space within the reception halls.

Of course, you can use Reception Halls AZ to organize Double Weddings (Two couples), Girls nights, Bachelor Parties, Baby showers, Anniversaries for one or two people, Corporate, and any other event.

Ask for reports about all the packages that the venues have and if there is a single price to integrate cocktail, banquet and wedding or each one is contracted separately. Evaluate all the alternatives.

The options are usually between two appetizers, three or four main courses and a varied assortment of desserts. Sometimes they will also give you the opportunity to choose between two or three courses to be able to put a good dessert table or a delicious wedding cake that will leave everyone satisfied.